About Wambuul


Yiradu Marang  bu Yaama Malayarr, Yuwin Ngadhi Murruwa. Baladhu Dyiramadilinya Biripi, Worimi & Wiradjuri Guri.

Good day and hello friends my name is Murruwa (west wind) my English name is Josh Sly. I am a proud Biripi Worimi & Wiradjuri man. Wambuul is the traditional Wiradiuri name for the beautiful river that runs through my hometown of Bathurst now known as the Macquarie River.

The Creation of Wambuul

Josh comes from a family line of professional artists, craftsmen and cultural performers.

As a young child heading into his teenage years, Josh was mentored by his Elders and Knowledge Holders about his culture. This led Josh to create J.Sly Wambuul Designs in 2015 and then later Wambuul Woodworks in 2021.

Josh specialises in cultural education and connection to culture within the areas of art, dance, language, story telling, traditional toolmaking and connection to country. 

With the guidance of elders and knowledge holders Josh now has over 8 years of experience in the cultural performance and education space. Josh is a professional Yidaki didgeridoo player, songman and dancer who has performed and shared culture right across Australia and internationally. 

Josh is also a principal dancer of Muggera Dancers and also collaborates with the Jannawi Dance Clan.

It is through sharing culture
and knowledge that he is upholding his cultural responsibility and preserving
traditional values and information for the next generations to come.